How To: Survive the Flu

How To: Survive the Flu

Yes, you read that right, I have the frickin’ flu. I hate being sick, and worst of all is that I am sick at school with my parents over 300 km away. Therefore, not only am I sick but who is going to take care of me? 😥 Why do bad things happen to good people? #realtalk I figured since I am stuck in bed I might as well document my survival tips for the hell that is influenza.

1. Hydration.


2. Curl into a burrito on the floor and play into how sick you are.


Or if you are a normal person, a bed would work too.

3.Take drugs, obviously the legal, prescribed ones.


4. Cold showers, to help wipe away that inevitable sweaty-feverish feeling.


5. Watch movies. Personally I prefer Disney films. They bring out my inner home-from-school sick feeling.


6. Listen to music, I added some playlists for your enjoyment:

– for the self-pity type who like Ed Sheeran (my type of people):

– for the let’s-kick-this-colds-butt type:



8. Eat all the food.


9. Puke up all the food.


10. Having no recollection of any of your actions due to the cold medicine.


But in all honesty, you don’t care because your sick.

That’s it! Any longer and I would probably start repeating myself, due to the lack of sleep and pills.

Brittany out.


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