Christmas Break

Christmas Break

Peace out first semester!
As I wrap up this semester I have some really mixed feelings. Of course I am happy to be through the hell that was exams, essays, and the stress-packed surroundings, however I am not sure I am quite ready for the stress of the holidays. Here are some of my scenarios that happen every year at holiday functions:
For example, I am going straight to a family Christmas party from school, so I have to decide if I am ready for conversations that look like this:
How is school? -Very good!
What program are you in? -popular culture
What is THAT? *said with distaste -its the study of culture, consumption, media, and film
Well that sounds…. interesting. What are you going to do with that? -mumbling incoherently because I’m over this conversation
And now I look like this:

Next we have Christmas Day:
Which is strictly made up of that one creepy uncle asking if you asked for underwear for Christmas. (don’t worry, he’s not a blood relative)
The grandparents who ask about your relationship status: none existent.
– your job status: none existent.
– your goals: none existent.
The screaming children who are so over this Christmas crap and just want a nap.
My immediate family who is over being cramped in a tight space with each other all day.
Lastly, there is I. Who was forced awake at 6 am to open gifts, shuttled from house to house by my parents and sneaking in a secret nap in my grandma’s basement while everyone watches some sports game on TV.

Last is New Years but its more like Nerqw Yeasser (because I can’t type when I’m drunk, HA HA HA classic comedy.) Most years look a bit like this:
3 hours to midnight:
2 hours to midnight:
1 hour till midnight:


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