Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Why hello there old man, I figured I would write to you as an attempt to clear the slate in light of the holiday season, no I wont asked for gifts (you already know what I want), but I felt I should own up to some naughty things I did this year.
I’ll start with the most recent, I have practically taken over my sister’s Netflix because I don’t want to pay for my own, however as her younger sister I feel like it’s her duty to support me. (through every season finale)
(via my sisters facebook)
On the topic of family, my dad turned 51 this year and I forgot to get him a card, so I photoshopped (poorly) the picture I took of him last year and re-purposed it for this year.
I may have drank too much santa… but that is only because is the cheapest stress reliever available, you know how it is, amiright? I mean, I guess some nights I could have just had one or two, but what the fun in that?!
Which leads into part 2: I may have made some bad decisions why drinking. for example, riding home from the bar in a grocery cart, photobombing people, and thinking that sleeping with my loaf of bread is a god idea.
I mean I have have told a few poorly timed Holocaust jokes, or made sarcastic comments to one of my roommates till it got a little too real, BUT WHO DOESN’T? Seeing as most of my material comes from Bo Burnham and Louis C.K. can ya really blame me?
I guess I could have worked a little harder to keep my life in order, ya know do my laundry, homework, keep in contact with friends and family, etc. I’ll try harder next year I promise.
*no picture, because I don’t want proof of my lows*
I hope that despite all that , and whatever mischief I get into in the next few weeks you’ll still consider me for your nice list.
P.S. I promise I will not call my brother dumb as much
Sincerely, Brittany


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