How To: Survive Exams

How To: Survive Exams

Tis the season. Students start to gather ’round the library in hopes of getting a seat to the worst experience in the life of a student, exams ( in close second is the homecoming hangover). I have a certain affinity for the exam season, it gives that tingly feeling inside (also known as the stress pukes), ahhhh exams. This post is just as much for you as it is for me. Here is my complied list of tips for surviving finals:

1. Sleep: despite your best instincts, you can’t survive on 10 hours of sleep over three days.
2. Hydrate: you may think coffee is your best friend, but hunny, why not invite water and tea to join the party?
that was lame.

3. Take breaks: no matter who you are you can’t study forever (and if you can, you don’t need this post, so just excuse yourself now) so take so time to rejuvenate yo’ brain


4. A case of the funny’s: this may just be me, but I find it extremely energizing to watch a good comedy show, not sitcoms, but actual stand up. Current recommendation is Bo Burnham’s ‘What”. (thank me later)


5. DO IT NOW: this one is for me, my main skill in life is that I can manage to put off a 3000 word, 40% paper till 3 days before its due. Do yourself a favour and start as soon as possible.

6. Exercise: whether it be small stretches from your chair or going to the gym, part of keeping your mind sharp is taking care of your body, so just do it. (not a nike promo)

7. Call home: I find talking to my family to be soothing, it doesn’t matter to me if the person on the other end is telling me about my lack of financial funds, or simply telling me about their day, my family never fails to entertain.

8. Lay on the floor:it is cool and uncomfortable, but everyone needs to lay on the floor every once in a while. My best thinking comes from laying on the floor.

9 . Eat: don’t skip meals, you are just going to make yourself sick and who wants that?

10. Stop worrying: this exam/ essay may seem like a big deal right now, but will your future employer ask you all about that one final you didn’t do well on? nope.

well hope that helps!

P.S. this list is coming from someone who has an exam in 2 days that she hasn’t started studying for. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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