Unwritten Rules of Dressing for School

Unwritten Rules of Dressing for School

~spittin’ rhymes like it’s 1988~
whats 1988? i dunno a year….
So yes, yesterday I made a post on things you learn in university, educate yo’self:
anyways, today I figured I would take a bit of time to zoom in on a specific thing that I have learned in my three years in university that I think needs to be spread. That is, the unwritten dress code.
So lets start off with a *hopefully* obvious one, NO PAJAMAS. Like seriously, no one wants to see that you basically rolled your way here from bed. Like sorry man but we all had to do it and there are no exceptions for you. Unfortunately there is a big difference between not giving a shit and just being disrespectful. You are paying a professor to teach you these things and speak to you and you can’t even put fricking pants on?! You have got to be kidding me. Like the overnight crew at the 24 hour McDonald’s gives more shits than you do. So #stahp.
But at the other end are you bitches that feel the need to dress up. Are you going to a wedding? is the Queen coming and I didn’t hear? Probably not. So why are you in a dress and heels walking around the school turning heads making the rest of us look like crap. I hope you know that the ratio of the guys that are drooling over is definitely outweighed to the amount of women who are cursing you. I have been this girl, who wears lipstick on a Monday with a cute blazer and kitten heels, and guess what, all I got was about 30 passive-aggressive comments about why I was “so dressed-up”. I don’t want to hate these people because man, does it take effort to care that much about peoples opinions that actually mean so little! But seriously here is the opinion of the crowd you care so much about: stop.
Lastly there are those people who are just working it: sweatpants, yoga pants, tight tops or sweaters you people are my people. I don’t care if you look amazing, because who does? If you look hungover, disheveled, in a daze or just don’t really care, THAT’S COOL. But honestly you can show all of that with out being in your flannel jammies. Obviously this is just my opinion and you can feel free to agree or disagree, because I don’t care either way, but just know, pj’s or stilettos: you are being judged.
It’s really your choice.


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