Some Things I’ve Learned Since Being in University

Some Things I’ve Learned Since Being in University

First, you will be able to eat whatever you want, but you probably wont be able to afford it. You are able to see whomever, wherever you please, but in my life it seems to be the characters of the various shows I watch on netflix, alone. That brings us to the internet, you are at that awkward stage in life where you are a full fledged member of society that lives alone, but acts like a child and still tags your self in those bar pictures from last night. You are finally away from those people you have been stuck with your entire high school career, but if you’re like me, one of them follows you away like a Russian spy just waiting to tell the motherland your most recent scandal. Tinder seems like a great idea, but in reality the men who actually don’t seem like assholes are definitely overcompensating for something under that perfect Bieber hair. I love my small program, that being said, stop that inter-program romance crap. It probably won’t work out and when there is only 30 of us it makes me uncomfortable to choose sides in your shitty 2-week romance. Moving on, FRIENDS, through experience I have learned it is easier to be with like minded people who get what you want out of life. You constantly have laundry, but it is both expensive and waaaay too much work (currently wearing clothes I haven’t washed in a week). You’ll have crazy weeks with a ton of work due, so chances are half of that will be late or badly done. Be like an actor and improvise. It’s literally just about making it through, these probably won’t be the best years of your life, and if they are then boy did you peak early. This is the game of life and rather than idolizing one section you gotta live the whole thing hard. In conclusion, the pros some how manage to out way the negatives despite how this whole post has made it sound.


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