A Note to my Mom

A Note to my Mom

Why hello there birth giver, this one’s for you.
To start off thank you for being my number 1 fan about this blog thing, it makes it a lot easier when at least one person likes what you are doing with your spare time. (you know aside from netflix, everyone agrees with netflix) Thank you for supporting me, I know I make a lot of mistakes, (and trust me there are many more where that came from) but knowing you’ll love me even if I disappoint you helps me push through. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams, not everyone gets parents who will allow their kids to make what they want out of life, but you have and I hope I have made you proud. Thank you for loving me unconditionally because despite any fights that we have I know I can count on you. Oh and even if I don’t show it I love you too. I’m sorry for all the times I make you worry about my questionable decisions, I promise that when I thought about them, they all seemed like great ideas. Thank you for thinking I am great even when I doubt myself, but also grounding me when I act like an ass. Thank you for being my best friend because even when the rest of the world gets me down I have you to call and complain about it to. Thank you for reading this whole thing despite the fact that we are not mushy people. Sometimes it just needs to be said.
I love you mum. ❤


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