Circa 2012

Circa 2012

*yes, that is a picture of Jesus serving a venti, steamed, mocha, soy latte 🙂
In high school, one of my teachers told me that when I was in university I would remember him for his advice while in a Starbucks. So here I am almost three years later, in university and reflecting.
He said once your seated look around and you will see these three things:
“First a man with a manicured beard, he is an aspiring writer, most likely wearing a beret. Next a professor, he is older and wearing a man scarf.
Lastly a group of 2-3 girls, probably Asian, chatting in a language you don’t understand.”
So when I was in the Starbucks last night I looked around for these people, but was disappointed to find none of the three people that I was told to look for. Instead here are the three things I did see: First, a woman with her friend discussing leaving her husband, but she is too lazy (what a catch). Second, a group of middle-aged man discussing Tinder and how it helps men rape children. Lastly a few girls practically speaking another language, I think they were studying for a biology test. So really not at all the same as what I was hoping to find, perhaps my local Starbucks isn’t as chic as the one my teacher envisioned me in…. Or it’s a student town at 2 in the morning and there was some discrepancies between our expectations vs the reality.
The original note I made in my phone while he rhymed off all the things to look for:


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