Definitive List of Christmas Songs

Definitive List of Christmas Songs

Well, its here! Pull up your knit socks and slip into your comfiest ugly sweater because CHRISTMAS. If you are not yet in the Christmas spirit here is a picture of a cute dog wearing antlers, and if that doesn’t put you in the Christmas spirit then WHAT KIND OF SICK ANIMAL ARE YOU what does?
Together with my trusty side-kick, otherwise known as my roommate Kelly, we have come up with our list of the best Christmas songs:
1. Mariah Carey- All I Want for Christmas: This song is my favourite Christmas song, it wins every race, it is singable, danceable and all around fabulous (Mariah Carey, Duh.)
2. Michael Buble- Jingle Bells: This comes in first for Kelly and a barely-second-should-be-first-but-Mariah from me. He is amazing, and his Christmas cd has been on repeat for days in my house.
3. Beach Boys: Little Saint Nick: A classic, perfect for group harmonies, or in the case of my friends, a out of tune, no actual words version because we only know the chorus.
4. Chipmunks: Santa Don’t Be Late: this was a childhood favourite, sang it to my parents with my cutest “please don’t give me coal” face.
5. Michael Buble- White Christmas ft. Shania Twain: good ol’ Canadian Christmas duet, eh?
6. Brenda Lee- Rocking around the Christmas tree: another classic, it is a good jam. And when given the choice of various pop artists covers of this song, I chose this one always.
7. Jose Feliciano- Feliz Navidad: perfect Christmas dance party song, I admit that me and my grandma do our best dance moves to this while preparing Christmas dinner.
8. Bruce Springsteen- Santa Claus is coming to town: get our classic rock Christmas jam on with this one.
9. Frank Sinatra- Let It Snow: If Michael Buble wasn’t the giveaway, I am a huge crooner fan, and Frank does Christmas right.
10. You’re a Mean One Mister Grinch: Not in the list of traditional Christmas songs but this one is great. His heart grows 3 sizes, 3 SIZES!
11. Christmas Vacation- Marvis Staples: Favourite Christmas movie, good theme song.


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