Weekly Favourites

Weekly Favourites

Not that I believe that anyone reads these posts to get a glimpse of my week but yet here I am, another Sunday posting about my week and giving you links. You’re welcome by the way. This week went a little like this: project, netflix, more netflix, mario kart, and maybe a bit more netflix. It seems that my life has become quite uninteresting but I still seem to make it sound pretty alright. Here is the stuff that spiced up my week ever so slightly:
Playlist: There are two this week for a very simple reason, i have decided that it is acceptable to start listening to Christmas music. Here’s why: in the states they say you have to wait until after Thanksgiving, well Canada’s thanksgiving is mid-October so Christmas music is a go-go!
Here’s one for if you arn’t into the whole christmas-in-november thing:

And for those of you like me who need music for Christmas decorating and such:


Food: So I have effectively made myself three of these brownies since I found this recipe…and by “found” I mean google searched.
Life: “Life” … I don’t even know. Basically everything that I want to make, I am a very crafty person.
And this:


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