I’m Going Abroad!

I’m Going Abroad!

So here’s a little known fact about my family, my mother plays the pipes -no, not an organ, that is way to mainstream for her- she plays the bagpipes. What a beautiful instrument to listen to at 9 am on a Saturday (sarcasm). But you didn’t click on the post because you were hoping I would write about bagpipes, did you? Probably not, you probably clicked on this because it contained the words “travel” and “Europe” so why don’t I just get to the point, amiright? So once a year my mother travels with her pipe band to a town called Markelo in the Netherlands for Liberation Day and commemorates Canada’s contribution to this town’s liberation. Anyhoo through this I was asked to join on a Freedom Tour as a representative on the Canadian cyclist group.*cough* invited by the towns mayor *cough* With a group of 50 people from both Canada and the Netherlands we will bike from Auschwitz and Birkenau, Poland through Theresienstadt, Czech Republic and Berlin, Germany ending in Markelo. It is a tour of WW2 with the help of a veteran to lead our way. What better way to travel through Europe than through cities and war sites. *Side note: the long parts we travel by bus
But I can’t forget to mention the fact that to go on this trip requires me to train by riding my bike 50 km a week for November to get up to 100km by April *sigh*. But the training is worth it for the amazing trip ahead. I have now been training for a month and a half, but felt I should wait till I had a bit of work under my belt before I started posting all over the web.

I’ll be posting stuff here: http://www.pinterest.com/bmelton56/cyclying/

And stuff here: http://8tracks.com/britfitmeltfelt


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