the Growth of one Super Sarcastic Bitch (me)

the Growth of one Super Sarcastic Bitch (me)

Well so far, so good. My name Is Brittany Melton. I was born on November 3rd, 1994. Since then I have accomplished a handful of amazing things, I have gone around the sun 20 times,and have lived 240 months, 1,044 weeks, 7,305 days, 175,330 hours, 10,519,849 minutes, and 631,190,981 seconds old (you’re welcome). But for real this time, I have made it through the public school system alive(its cut-throat), and now struggling through university (ugh), and have managed to keep about 4 friends through all of that, and if that isn’t an accomplishment, then what is – this is some real mars-rover shit right here.
Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset
oh how the years have gone by :’)
But from now on here are some goals of no-longer-19-Brittany for now-20-Brittany:
– don’t go out every weekend, but when you do go out, go hard
– go to class and side note- DO YOUR READINGS
– don’t let the bitches get ya down, there will, as there have always have been, be shitty people, fake friends and just all around terrible people, run away from them A.S.A.P.
– stop trying to fix said shitty people, they probably won’t change for you
– refer to this list before making potentially shitty decisions
~you’re welcome~
Here’s a playlist so you can celebrate with me, or at least have a good dance party.

Photo: George Marks/Stringer, Getty Images


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