Weekly Favourites

Weekly Favourites

Another week, another set of new favourites. This week was hella busy with midterms and anniversary parties. Which left little time for all my internet surfing. This weeks favourites can be broken down into the “what I listened to on my ride back home”, “procrastination” and “while I was drinking”, feeling free to decide which go where.
Both of these links come straight off Tumblr, which I must say have produced some of the funniest things I have ever seen.
Workout song: https://soundcloud.com/dvbbs/dvbbs-borgeous-tsunami
General Listening: https://soundcloud.com/lisamitchellmusic/wah-ha
In honour of fall and all things that go with it I tired this recipe for blooming apples and they were amazing.
Yes. Tea has it’s own category.
For starters, I am a huge David’s Tea fan I try and sample and later purchase every tea under the sun so that I can become a tea guru of sorts. And this week, among the many others I bought to try, I was extremely pleased with “Vanilla Orchid”. It’s name is, pretty, it looks nice and the taste is phenomenal. If you haven’t tried it (or David’s Tea in general) make sure and smell it the next time your out and about.
My birthday is next week, in honour of that here is a list of 20 healthy habits to have in your 20’s. http://www.buzzfeed.com/carolynkylstra/healthy-living-habits



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