Eyeliner, Glitter, and Good Times

Eyeliner, Glitter, and Good Times

Girls night, whether you are participating in a night in with wine and chats or going out on the town with your best friends, we can all relate to a good girls night free of problems and boyfriends. It is just the ticket to re-secure a friendship but also a solid excuse to get wasted. Here’s a playlist for just that.
1. Flawless- Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj
2. Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (A-Trak Remix)
3. Bad Girls- M.I.A.
4. Ugly Heart- G.R.L.
5. Salute- Little Mix
6. Me and My Girls- Fifth Harmony
7. I Will Never Let You Down- Rita Ora
8. Let Me Think About It- Ida Corr ft. Fedde Le Grand
9. 212- Azealia Banks
10. Work- Iggy Azalea

Listen to the playlist here:


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