Canadian Wilderness

Canadian Wilderness

So recently I took a three day trip Algonquin which inspired me to created a playlist reflecting the events that unfolded on this trip along with a little insight to the trip:
Day 1.
Well to begin we start on Tuesday morning at 7:00 am where I awoke to rush around my house, scrambling to prepare everything that I had yet to complete along with eating breakfast and such. At 8:30 my friends arrived and we took off on our journey. No lie, I drove the whole 6 hour drive alone, it was long and boring but we got through with the help of loads of coffee and obviously really good tunes. A stop at a horse farm in Midland where me and the girls were invited to ride horses and tour the farm. Back in the car we went, finally arriving at the cottage at like 6:30 pm. Obviously the rest of that evening was spent lazily playing card games and visiting.
Day 2.
This morning we set out to see all of the peaks in Huntsville. Starting with the best view of the town:
Next was shopping, obviously not super exciting since it is outdoor shopping and it was raining on and off all day. After this we returned towards our cottage to check out the other views that we could find. We went exploring looking for any cool things we could find in our limited time in Huntsville. Returning unsatisfied we made our own fun, making s’mores over the wood burner and gambling our treats away. The decision to turn in early was vetoed by The Shining. So a late night it was.

Day 3.
The last day of our little vacation. We awoke to eat breakfast and pack up the car, and back on the road we were. But of course the rain held off until we got on the highway only to start down-pouring from there on. After that stopping was a must, and kissing our little paradise goodbye. It is two days after this little trip and I am still catching up on sleep.

Here’s the playlist:
Part 1. Road Trip
1. Rupert Holmes- Escape
2. Billy Joel- Only the Good Die Young
3. The Beatles- Yellow Submarine
4. Queen- Fat Bottomed Girls
5. One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful
6. Wiz Khalifa- Young, Wild, and Free
7. Michael Buble- Haven’t Met You Yet
8. Kris Allen- Live Like We’re Dying
9. Lady Gaga- Born This Way
10. Eminem- Without Me
There is quite the mix here, these are all songs off my friends mixed CDs which were the playlist of our journey.

Part 2. Huntsville
1. Like real people do- Hozier
2. Lorde- A World Alone
3. The Lumineers- Dead Sea
4. The Kooks- Bad Habit
5. Hozier- Take Me To Church
6. Aoi Teshima- La Vie En Rose
7. Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud
8. Sam Smith- I’m Not The Only One
9. The Ramones- I Wanna Be Sedated
10. Milky Chance- Stolen Dance
This part is all the songs that fit the mood and environment of our trip in Huntsville.

Listen to these playlists:
Part 1

Road Trip from britfitmeltfelt on 8tracks Radio.

Part 2

Huntsville from britfitmeltfelt on 8tracks Radio.


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