What I am Thankful For.

What I am Thankful For.

If you are Canadian, then Thanksgiving is coming up for you this weekend. If you are American, you can sit patiently and wait for November. And if you are from anywhere else you probably don’t give a shit about Thanksgiving and think we are all gluttonous, shopaholics.

And I know when it actually comes to me this thanksgiving I will probably give some sugar sweet answer to my grandmother like “my education” or “my family”, but I figured I would keep it real for y’all and give you the things I am truly thankful for this thanksgiving.

  1. Dry Shampoo.
  2. Coffee.
  3. Waiting three weeks to do my laundry so I can do it for free when I go home.
  4. Public Wi-fi.
  5. Friends who comment on my Instagram pictures.
  6. That one friend who takes great photos of you.
  7. Taking “me days” and not going to school.
  8. Getting more wine than you paid for.
  9. Big scarves.
  10. Spanx.
  11. Friends repeats.
  12. That I probably won’t be trampled to death on Black Friday.
  13. When the weather is cold enough to justify not leaving the house.
  14. Elevators to the third floor.
  15. Wearing leggings as pants.
  16. Candles scented like the outdoors.
  17. Classes that get cancelled.
  18. Classes that get cancelled and don’t have a make up day.
  19. That my birthday is in November.

I guess I am also thankful for the obvious things… family, friends, health, education.


Just My Luck.

If you couldn’t guess from this un-descriptive title. This post will be my first thoughts about entering the bottom rung of  professional academia. It is a real struggle at 3 weeks in: lots of papers, names I still don’t know and some high expectations.

I have been working on both the beginnings of an MRP (major research paper), TA’ing for first year film and also taking my own classes. So busy is an understatement. Although there are some perks to being so involved. You may hear that your students really like you, or maybe you’ll hear them talking shit about you after you shush them in class. There are other things that I move between loving and hating. For instance, I am allowed to create my own seminar plan, which is both freeing and extremely difficult.

Possibly the greatest irony in my life to date is having to attend film, attend the showing, do the readings AND lead seminar. However, when I took film I only attended seminar (the part that you got marks for). So isn’t it interesting that I am now the expert to these children?

In terms of class, I am only in class two days a week for three hours a session. However, this is nothing to scoff at, because I spend roughly 4-5 hours a week in preparation for these classes. This master’s program is no walk in the park, it is more of a sprint uphill… and I hate running.

However, all of the stress from school is relatively forgotten when I return home. Expect when I find my car has a flat tire on my way to work. Twice.

But all of this being said, these first few weeks have been an extreme test of my strength. But don’t worry, reading week is fast approaching and that means fall activities and sleeping till noon.

Apologies for the lack of posting but I was trying to get into the groove of things. But I am back and as mediocre as ever. Namaste.



Week One.


That’s right folks, ya gurl Brittany has survived one week at school and already has a mouthful to say about it.

So after one extremely busy week back I have a few thoughts on my choice to do graduate studies.

First, meetings are exhausting af and no one should have to sit through a meeting that is more that 2 hours long.

Second, nothing is less inspirational than hearing your professor tell you about how little everyone else cares and how much work you will have to do.

Third, being a teacher’s assistant for a class you have already taken and never attended is probably the greatest irony of my entire existence.

Fourth, the attempt to balance multiple readings, course work, my MRP and work is all becoming too real.

Fifth, I have realized I have no idea how I will handle 40 hour work weeks when I can’t even handle the first week back in school.

Sixth, I am extremely glad to have found a group of misfits I can spend all my time with this year. It is refreshing to have new faces and new perspectives in my program.

Seventh, I need sleep. Not your normal eight hours, but all the sleep I can get, whether it be a thirty minute cat nap or a ten hour un-interrupted sleep session.

Stayed tuned for more updates as this journey continues. Week one was brutal but I’m sure it is bound to spiral down hill from here.. Cheers to grad school!



Advice for Starting University/College

Advice for Starting University/College

I am not much of a serious person. But before I started school, I spent many hours on Pinterest reading blogs about how to survive school. As a veteran of university, I figured I should share my secrets to survival this week.

  1. Do your readings. For one, you’ll probably be one of the few that actually knows what is going on. And for two, you’ll get way more out of school if you have done them. You are paying to be there, might as well learn something.
  2. Get out and get involved. You are starting a new adventure, and your parents and teachers are no longer there to push you to get involved. So push yourself to participants in things like sports, hobby groups, clubs, or frosh week.
  3. Learn to cook at least one decent meal. If I have learned one thing, it is that greens are important, whether I chose to eat them or not. But knowing how to cook yourself at least one sturdy meal will be an asset and may push you to try to learn more.
  4. Curate a group of friends. My friends are a collection of fine pieces from my classes, my roommates, and work. It took a while, but life isn’t as bad with good friends.
  5. You can say no. You don’t have to go to every party, hang out or event that comes your way. And although you may have a strong sense of F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) you’ll thank yourself later when you’re not exhausted in your 8 am seminar.
  6. Expect your grades to go down from what they were in high school. It is great to aim high, but high school is more straight forward and technical, whereas university is more theoretical. I don’t want to say it but “C’s get degrees”, but losing your 98 average won’t be the end of the world.
  7. Work hard and play hard. Finding a balance between going out to freshman events and actually attending class is strenuous, but it is worth it in December when you don’t have to read 20 articles before an exam.
  8. Don’t be afraid to do things alone. Whether it be attending a college that you won’t know anyone or taking a class solo. It is a chance to step out of your comfort zone and perhaps meet new people or gain a new skill, plus you will be alone sometimes, you might as well learn to appreciate that time.
  9. Utilize the syllabus. As soon as you get it, read it over and write down important dates in a planner so you can visualize what your workload looks like with all of your classes and plan ahead for overlap.
  10. Have fun. Remember to get out and have fun, college/university is a chance to break out and figure out who you want to be. The years you will be there will go by fast so savour each opportunity.

Good Luck!


Why I Am Ready For Fall

Why I Am Ready For Fall

Right now we are breaching the end of summer where you can no longer buy bathing suits, and back-to-school sales are in full force. But despite that it is 40 degrees outside and nothing makes me want fall more then beads of sweat and humidity-induced coma.

So on that note here are some things to get you ready for fall. Light your pumpkin scented candles and make yourself a hot cocoa and lets begin!

Drinking hot drinks without sweating.


Scarves – socially acceptable way to wear a blanket in public.


Fall candles. Apple pie, toasted marshmallow, sweater weather, leaves. These names bring real excitement to my soul about the upcoming season.


Cool weather. When it isn’t too cold, but you get to wear all of your favourite sweaters.


Changing leaves. I’m Canadian, so every year bringing about a few weeks of beautiful coloured leaves.


Sweaters. Already mentioned, but deserves its own point. My favourite clothing option, like sleeping bags with arms, or snuggies with backs.


Fall activities. Apple picking and pumpkin picking are some of the best fall things to do before it is too cold. **Also wine festivals


Halloween. Yes, I am an adult. Yes, I will dress up and strut my stuff in some sub-par costume this Halloween.


Brisk air on walks (drives)…. who walks?


…and last but not least, after Fall comes CHRISTMAS!


There you have it, just a few things to help you get through the heat!


Brittany’s Rules to Live By

I was feeling pretty inspirational when I wrote this blog post. As if this would be the most innovative and actually helpful blog post I will probably ever write. Over the years I have collected many wisdomous pieces of information from family and friends and decided to compile them in one pro-tip blog post.

  1. Never  cut your own bangs.

  2. If you want something from someone, ask for something bigger first.
  3. Make your bed every morning and reap that sense of accomplishment for the rest of the  day.
  4. If you don’t want to do something, do it badly the first time. It worked for cutting the grass at home!
  5. Adulting is best tackled through the buddy system, so grab your bestie and cry about things like credit scores and taxes together.
  6. Never crack eggs directly into the other ingredients whilst cooking.
  7. Food is *statistically better with sauce on it.                                                                       *And by statistically I mean “In my opinion”
  8. Moderation is key. Except with ice cream, more is always better.
  9. If all other advice follow “fish”- Fuck It, Shit Happens.


This Hot, Hot Heat

This Hot, Hot Heat

Let me set the scene: it it summer, today the temperature is 32, feels like 36. But it doesn’t feel like 36, it feels like I am on the surface of the sun and 5 seconds of being outside I have visible sweat on my face. My tiny air conditioner is running its little heart away trying to keep this girl from dying. Obviously I exaggerate a bit, but it is extremely hot. And unfortunately if you are someone around me you’ll be lucky enough to hear me complain about the weather from one extreme to the other as if I don’t expect it each year over.


At first the heat is welcomed to usher away the cold and allow us to do fun things like the beach and tan.


Getting sand in your trousers gets old quick and so does the heat, because unfortunately “the heat” isn’t a legitimate reason to not go to work.


So life carries despite your dread for the sun and sweat.


You never thought it could get hotter, and then a heat wave hits and you want to move North. (I never thought I would say that)


The forecast says rain so you assume it will cool down, but no! The rain boils and creates hell on Earth the following day.



Bad-hair days begin to just be “hair days” as the heat continues.


You begin to wish it was winter again. Or at least fall. But unfortunately, it’s only July and you are out of patience and SPF.


You can find me huddled inside, between my fan and my A/C unit patiently waiting for overcast and leggings to come back.